High absences. Low motivation. Tired staff. These are three classic symptoms of a working environment with inadequate ventilation. When fresh air isn’t being circulated throughout your premises, the atmosphere can cause irritation, fatigue and even illness. That’s why having a quality ventilation system in place is so important.

Thanks to Koolit, you can keep your staff and customers happy and healthy all year round. Anyone who steps inside your premises will breathe nothing but clean, filtrated air – ensuring high energy levels and productivity.

By designing, supplying and installing quality ventilation systems across Manchester and beyond, Koolit offer businesses the opportunity to build vitalising work environments.

Breathe fresh life into your business with Koolit ventilation systems

Step 1 – Site Survey

After taking a look around your site, our experts will advise on what sort of ventilation system you may need, helping you find the best solution for your business. With our knowledge and expertise, you will pick the right product to eliminate mould, damp, grease, dirt and odours from your surroundings.

Step 2 - Installation

We can install air handling equipment, fans and ventilation units in workspaces of all types and sizes. Specially-crafted dishwater canopies and exhaust air filtration units are two examples of features we can add to kitchens, for example. We also supply and install gas interlock control systems with emergency gas shut off to keep your staff safe.

Step 3 - Maintenance

Our top-of-the-line ventilation equipment is designed to maintain air quality in commercial spaces all year round. No matter what type of ventilation system you’re looking for, Koolit can not only help you install it, but also maintain it. We can even modify the system to your preferences, so that you can uphold health and safety standards.

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Ventilation Case Studies

  • HRV Ventilation & Air Conditioning

    Overview Many new commercial ventures are required by law to have a certain amount of ‘air changes per hour’ depending on the use of the building.

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  • Air Handler & Ventilation

    Overview Larger jobs and jobs that must conform to certain regulations often require a more bespoke solution.

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